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Square Dancing is a social activity where eight people dance a series of movements as "called" by the square dance caller. It is a healthy, recreational, fun activity. Square dancers often say that square dancing is friendship set to music.

Modern Square Dancing?

In Modern Square Dancing, which is what is danced in our area, there are no set patterns for a dance. The dancers learn a number of moves, which the caller then puts together to form the dance (tip). The caller "calls" out these moves and the dancers follow the "calls". Dancers do not know what will be called next. Usually all dancers move together, although some calls are executed by just four people. Generally, callers call and sing to modern, recorded music.

How do Modern Square Dancers learn the movements?

Anyone can learn to become a square dancer by joining a square dance club where the basic movements are taught. New dancers enjoy an evening of fun while being taught the moves/calls by the caller. The moves are repeated constantly so no worries if you’ve forgotten one. There are always experienced dancers on hand to help out. Once you know the basic moves, you can choose to learn more complicated ones and move through the dance levels, or you can just dance at whatever level you enjoy most!

Dancing around the world

Do you like to travel? Square dancing is taught in English around the world. Once you learn the calls at home, you can dance anywhere you go…across Canada, the United States, Europe, in Japan, Australia…


Reina: It will immensely increase your social life, it is great for mind, body and morale and it is lots of fun!

Ruth: Square dancing changed our lives! It’s a social activity that offers you an easy and fun workout that you can start at any age and the interrelationships with fellow dancers lead to new friends.

Margaret: Modern Square Dancing is a tremendous source of exercise both physically & mentally. We are taught basic steps and execute them as the Caller calls them out. A fun filled activity where you can form many friendships and your troubles are forgotten as you dance the evening away. You can join in at parties hosted by other clubs where we dance to different Callers and meet dancers from all walks of life. We also have camping groups from all across the USA & Canada. Just hitch up your camper, motorhome or tent and dance the weekend away. This is an activity that is taught around the world. If you travel you are certain to find a group that dance & you would be most welcomed to join in. Put the music on! Form a square and have the time of your life.

Lorraine: My love of square dancing started in 1973 when we attended a fun night. We have continued dancing, meeting wonderful people across Canada, and improving over the years. The challenge of completing various moves and levels has been most fulfilling and still thrills me today.

Carole & Bernie: Modern Square Dancing is an evolution towards a more contemporary activity with modern music and casual attire. The focus is on FUN, FITNESS & FRIENDSHIP. The fitness level you need is the same as for walking. It has many health benefits, amongst them, it is reported that this form of activity helps to slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of Alzheimer. We gave it a try 6 years ago & loved it (yes even my husband) and have been dancing since. This fun filled social activity is wonderful for those looking for mild exercise while making new friends. While there are different levels to square dancing: beginners, mainstream, plus, and it goes on. There is NO pressure to move up to a higher level of dance.

Esther: Square dancing keeps me flexible and agile. It's also a lot of fun, and a great way to meet and develop new friends and stay healthy - both physically and mentally. A win-win all round!

André: At first, I was not hot at the idea of dancing. But I went anyway to please my wife. And I became hooked. I discovered that learning and socially interacting are two essential things to maintain good health, especially when you are retired. And after fifteen years, it still goes on.

Sharon Macgregor: So nice to receive feedback from new dancers from our Glengarry Tartans' open houses. I am so happy that I got my nerve up to walk in for the first open house to see what square dancing was all about. I wasn’t sitting down long before someone beckoned me to sit beside them and the next thing I was on the dance floor. I was laughing and smiling the whole time.

Bee Bee: I love square dancing! Can hardly wait to wear some square dance clothing.