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Border Boosters Square and Round Dance Association
Association pour la Promotion des Danses Ronde et Carrée

BBS & RDA Clubs Directors
and duty assignments for 2023-2024

Club Directors

Circles and Squares Peter Grondin, Rachelle Cournoyer
Glengarry Tartans Carole Lauzon, Bernard Lauzon, Bryan Anderson
Montreal Acey Deuceys Don Moger
Seaway Swingers André Paré, Barry Stansfield
Swinging B's Teresa MacInnis, Linda Lauzon
Swinging Stars Claude Richard, Luis Chein, Reina Ruben, Sheila Marcus

2023/2024 Directors Duty Assignments

Dance Committee Carole Lauzon, Sheila Marcus, Luis Chein
Goods & Welfare Sheila Marcus
Badge Director André Paré
Webmaster André Paré
Perpetual Calendar Barry Stansfield
Disbursement Committee Linda Lauzon, Carole Lauzon, Teresa MacInnis
Graduates Packages Pierrette Teolis, Luis Chein
MACA Sylvain Prudhomme
Publicity Carole Lauzon, André Paré (Web Site), Claude Richard (Facebook)
Coffee Committee Not applicable with Zoom meetings
Directors at large All directors with no assigned duties