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Border Boosters Square and Round Dance Association
Association pour la Promotion des Danses Ronde et Carrée

BBS & RDA Clubs Directors
and duty assignments for 2017-2018

Club Directors

Brome Squares Yvon Provost
Circles and Squares Bob Plamondon, Peter Grondin, Rachelle Cournoyer, Cosmo Sciannamblo Claire Fearnley, Paul Forget
LJ Squares Stephanie Charters
Montreal Acey Deuceys Erwin Rollauer, Des Cunningham, Ruth Cunningham
Maple Country Mathieu Lapointe
Rosemère Réal Ayotte
Seaway Swingers André Paré, Denis Lemay, Barry Stansfield
Swinging B's Linda Lauzon, Teresa MacInnis
Swinging Stars Jennifer Barnes, Dave Hammock, Cynthia Pierre, Sandra Milmine, Madeleine Witthoeft, Claude Richard

2017/2018 Directors Duty Assignments

Dance Committee Madeleine Witthoeft, Sandra Milmine, Dave Hammock, Cynthia Pierre
Good & Welfare Réal Ayotte
Badge Director André Paré
Webmaster André Paré
Perpetual Calendar Barry Stansfield
Disbursement Committee Stephanie Charters, Rachelle Cournoyer, Denis Lemay
Graduates Packages Erwin Rollauer
MACA Dave Hammock
Publicity Peter Grondin, Rachelle Cournoyer,
Club Representatives
Coffee Committee Sandra Milmine, Cynthia Pierre
Microphone Des Cunningham
Caller's Clinic Mathieu Lapointe, Dave Hammock