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Border Boosters Square and Round Dance Association
Association pour la Promotion des Danses Ronde et Carrée

Dance Calendar

Definitions used in the Perpetual Calendar

Asterisks (**) beside the date indicate a "protected" dance.
NOTE also that SPECIAL dances are in BOLD with 2 lines of information while THEME nights are not bolded and have only one line of information since they occur on normal club nights.

Special Dance: is normally held on a non-club night. It usually has a slightly higher charge and often has special callers and may include a snack afterward.

Theme Night: is a normal dance held on the normal club night. It distinguishes itself only in that it has a special "theme". It might also include a tip at a higher level.

Protected Date: is a dance held on a Saturday or Sunday. Participating regular member clubs are limited to 2 protected dates per year.

Perpetual Calendar:
- Its purpose is to help clubs promote and dancers attend as many dances as possible while respecting the protected dates, thereby avoiding conflicts.
- Since “afternoon” dances have become more common they are designated on the Perpetual Calendar to distinguish them from the usual “night” dances.
- There are 8 participating clubs and all should be accommodated. Its success relies on co-operation and good will. To function properly all dates should be cleared with the Perpetual Calendar Coordinator.
- Clubs should appoint one person to be responsible for its requests / submissions, all of which must be by email or in written form.
- Clubs should check their listings often especially after any request for changes.
- Club flyers should be compatible with their listings, otherwise the flyers will be withheld.

Note: No BBS&RDA member square or round dance club shall hold a dance at any level on the scheduled dates of BBS&RDA dances October "Fall Festival" &  May " Allan Marjerison Spring Jamboree".